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Thursday, May 22, 2008

My day...

So once again I had a productive day- hubby was home! We cleaned the house top to bottom kinda like a spring cleaning I guess! So You Think You Can Dance is back and I am super excited about that- love the show it makes me laugh so hard. I am going to the grocery store tomorrow night so tonight I have to make my grocery list! I did my treadmill today and I am happy about that! Don't have too much more to update on so here is my food for the day...
-Slept through it
Morning Snack:
-Cinnamon Waffles (4 pts)
-2 fish fillets (6 pts)
-1 pickle (0 pts)
-Roni's Beef-A-Roni with Peas (8 pts overestimate)
Evening Snack:
-15 Baked Sour Cream N Cheddar Ruffles (2 pts)
-1 popsicle (0 pts)


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