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Monday, June 2, 2008

I got tagged- I'm it!!

1) what was the best moment of your life?
-The day I married Aaron! We haven't had our real wedding yet but we will. We just had a short courthouse wedding but I need the pretty pictures to show off so a real wedding is in order!!

2) If you could pick a super power what would it be?
-To teleport myself anywhere in the world within a matter of minutes.

3) If there was one thing that you could do, with no limits of any kind what, would it be?
-Dance! I love dancing but I have lost a lot of flexibility...never was as flexible as I would like though.

4) Whats the weirdest dream you've ever had?
-When I was a little girl I dreamt that I went down into our basement and a green evil scientist zipped me up in a suitcase and was going to leave me there to die...I had this dream repeatedly.

5) What is the weirdest thing about you?
-I'm not sure...There is really no telling.

6) whats your favorite self made philosophy?
-I don't have any self made ones but I do believe in karma.

7) what (if any) question has been the most annoying unanswered question of your life?
-Why do we sit in driveways and drive on parkways?

8) Why do you blog?
-It is really fun and gives me something to do!!

I have no one to tag at the moment but when I do I will let you know!! I was tagged by Rhonda! Her link is to the left on here under friends!


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