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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day Picnic

Weigh in was this morning- I lost 1.5 pounds!! So that is good considering I haven't worked out a single bit!! I got the hubby to give up the baked chips this week- yes I can eat them but I would do so much better if all things even resembling a chip is removed from the house!! I am just so happy that the weight is coming off- I don't even care the rate at which it comes off, as long as it's coming off. Tomorrow will be a bit of a splurge for me because we are headed to Asheville to see my family for Father's Day. While I am super excited and love my family to death they are great cooks. This would be fine except they are really skilled in the country cooking department! That equals great flavors and high fat! On the menu is: Fried Chicken, homemade potato salad(the only one in the world I will eat), banana pudding, and a whole bunch of sides. We are going on a picnic to the Carolina Hemlocks with all of this food! I am going to have a little of everything... a lot of the veggie side dished and a small bit of chicken and potato salad. It is amazing how well this time around losing weight is going for me... before I would have said, "You know what, I can eat what I want just this one time and it will be fine." I wouldn't have even thought about eating more of the veggies and less of the fat- but now I think to myself, "Hmm, I can still have some chicken and potato salad, but why fill up on those? I'll eat a ton of veggies and have the chicken and potato salad as my side dishes!" So I think this time around I am finally learning the difference between a diet and a lifestyle change! Thank God for that! I haven't been to the grocery store yet this week but I will get there. I will try to post more on here I just want to avoid boring everyone to death! Today is going to be boring but I guess I am going to go face it head on! Thanks for reading!


At June 18, 2008 at 1:10 PM , Blogger xRhonda07x said...

Your doing such a great job. Keep it up. When those holidays rolls around, you just can't help it. But you have a great system going for you. :) take care


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