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My Weight Loss Journey

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I haven't updated in awhile so here I am!! I am still sticking to my weight loss plan and I feel good about that. Here is my current rant and rave: I am bored with food!! I have a complex or something b/c I get so bored with food so easily. Like, I am trying to incorporate new foods into this lifestyle change and branch out, right? Well it is coming slowly to me. I fall really easily into the "let's just marinate chicken and throw it on the grill" category. So this past week I bought a big pack of chicken and had plans to eat it for dinner this week. Now I don't want chicken...period. I have even looked into going somewhat vegetarian but still eating dairy and fish. I feel like everytime I start to eat something I like if I eat it too long or too much I never want it again. But like I said it is hard for me to steer away from this pattern! I am working on it though- I think a lot of it is fear that I will stray too far off and sabotage myself. Here is the daily menu:
-burrito (4 pts)
-baked doritos (2 pts)
-slept through it (my sleep patterns are really messed up and out of whack)
-Lemon Garlic Chicken (6 pts, marinade)
-Pasta Salad (6 pts)
-Baked Cheetos (6 pts)
-Pickles (1 pt)
-Popsicle (0 pts)

So I came in under points for the day and I way overestimated some of the points listed above so I did good! I will try to post again tomorrow if there is anything to talk about! Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Went to get grocery tonight- had a lot to get because I am trying a new recipe of Roni's for 5 out of the next 7 days. Click on her name and check out her recipes because I haven't been disappointed yet! Anyways the grocery bill was 126.00 and I had a light bulb moment. People always talk about how expensive the store is and eating healthy and all- 126 bucks for a week is a lot of money right?! Well if you think about the money you spent eating out- there you have it. I know one of my hubbies and my fave places is Longhorn Steakhouse... our bill totals like 50 bucks each time we eat there (hubby is a very big man in an NFL type of way). So if we ate out 3 times a week that would be more than our grocery bill!! And only for 3 meals- tonight I bought enough to cover 3 meals/day for 7 really it's not that much when you think about it. So there is my ramble and here is my food for the day...
-Slept through it (story of my life)
-2 cinnamon waffles (4 pts)
-15 baked cheddar n sour cream ruffles (4.5 pts)
-Quesadilla- I ate 3/4 of one (8pts way overestimation)
-15 baked tostitos with salsa (2 pts)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My day...

So once again I had a productive day- hubby was home! We cleaned the house top to bottom kinda like a spring cleaning I guess! So You Think You Can Dance is back and I am super excited about that- love the show it makes me laugh so hard. I am going to the grocery store tomorrow night so tonight I have to make my grocery list! I did my treadmill today and I am happy about that! Don't have too much more to update on so here is my food for the day...
-Slept through it
Morning Snack:
-Cinnamon Waffles (4 pts)
-2 fish fillets (6 pts)
-1 pickle (0 pts)
-Roni's Beef-A-Roni with Peas (8 pts overestimate)
Evening Snack:
-15 Baked Sour Cream N Cheddar Ruffles (2 pts)
-1 popsicle (0 pts)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I couldn't stop myself!!!

I broke down and weighed in today- I'm not officially supposed to weigh in until Saturday but I did it anyway-it's kind of like motivation for me whether I have gained or lost so whatever works. The results- down 2.5 from Saturday- so I now weight 223!! I started WW at 229 after losing 10 pounds already so my total weight loss to date is 16 pounds if I am doing the math right. So I am happy!! Here is my food journal for the day:
-2 chocolate chip waffles(4 pts)
Afternoon Snack:
-2 pickles
-15 baked tostitos(2 pts)
-2 pieces of marie calenders fish fillet(10pts-overestimation)
-2 pickles

I also did the treadmill and had all of my recommended daily water intake!! So today was good, tomorrow will be too!
Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Accomplishments and Changes

Today was the 2nd day in a row I used the treadmill. I feel accomplished because I hate working out so much, but I know it is vital to my health to do so. I was thinking today about this whole weight loss thing and it was like something hit me over the head and I realized that this time around it's different for me. I normally start a quest to lose weight and give up almost immediately because I can't see the results- not this time. This time I feel like I can see results and I don't care that the weight is coming off at its own pace. This time I think I just feel like it is time to really lose the weight. I am not setting unrealistic goals for myself and I am taking it day by day. Instead of thinking of all the negatives (I don't see any change in my body) I am focusing on the positives(how much better I feel). I think weight loss is one of those things that will never work until you want it to genuinely. The only reason I have not lost weight in the past is because I gave up. No one forced me to quit- I just did. This time I feel like I don't want to quit and I think that will spell success later on. I have a long way to go but for the first time ever I don't feel like I have that far to go. I think I will start posting what I eat everyday as well to help reinforce things for myself so here it goes:
-1 burrito (4 points)
-15 baked chips (2 points)
-Slept through it
Afternoon Snack:
-2 pickles (0 points)
-15 baked chips (2 points)
-Roni's Chicken Surprise (8 points) I over counted because I had slightly more than 1 serving.
-Popsicle (1 point)

I also had 2 bottled waters today (huge accomplishment for me) and I am working my way up to 3 bottles per day(equals six 8oz servings). It is really a struggle for me to drink that much water but I am working on it. So that's all I have for today but check back soon for more!!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blog Transformation

I decided to completely change my blog to weight loss only!! I feel like this will be the best way to stay on top of things and really it's the only thing I have to ramble on and on about! So here it is. Today I went to the store and got ingredients for this weeks dinner all across the board. Before we went my hubby Aaron forced me to do 15 minutes on the treadmill- thank God for him or I would never do it! For dinner I made Teriyaki Spice grilled chicken and topped it with a fruit salsa I made here at home- it was the most delicious dinner I have had to date- yum! This week my focus will be on doing the treadmill everyday. As far as my weight watchers points are going, I am allowed 29 points per day but I have found I always have 8-13 left over at the end of the day and I am not hungry either so that is good! Other than that I am fresh out of talk- thanks for listening!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Week One Weigh In

So my first official week on WW is now over! I have lost 3.5 pounds!! When you consider that I sit on my butt all day and did zero exercise this week- that is a great loss! I am incorporating exercise this week so wish me luck!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Started WW

I just started Weight Watchers! So far it has been pretty good- I weigh in on Saturdays so check here to see my progress!! I have decided I will give Boca Burgers a try!! Went to Asheville for Mother's Day and had a nice day. It is slightly chilly today and very windy- I wish it would just get warm and stay that way- can't have everything though right?! I washed the dishes and picked up the trash a few minutes ago and I think I will vacuum a little later. Don't really know what else to put here right now but I just wanted to give an update!